Wellbeing at work through exercise

Physical fitness and regular exercise have a significant effect on employees’ mental wellbeing and capacity to work. An active, sporty lifestyle not only keeps people fit, but also correlates with lower stress levels and improved wellbeing at work. An investment that gets your company moving is an investment in the future, enhancing morale and boosting efficiency every single day. What’s more, exercise routines that take into account an individual’s starting level and strengths are demonstrably more effective and inspiring. Even participating in a single sport activity results in better tolerance for stress and physical strain.

We make wellbeing a walk in the park

Each member of your organisation has a different lifestyle and varying fitness habits. Some look after their personal wellbeing as part of their daily routine, while others need more support to make positive lifestyle choices. Planning a shared wellbeing programme for the entire company can be a challenge when you try to accommodate everyone’s needs. The Happy Healthy People at Work service is a tool that takes each employee’s starting level into account. Combining advice from leading experts with easy everyday tasks and practical features, the service makes it effortless to commit to a more active lifestyle.

Every day is a wellness day

The Happy Healthy People at Work service is a motivating tool to monitor and develop wellbeing at work. The mobile app makes it easy to set targets and keep an eye on progress. It puts the keys to a healthier lifestyle in each employee’s pocket, turning every day at work into a wellness day.