The best and the most experienced

The app is based on the Sport Institute of Finland’s 90 years of experience, combined with thousands of research findings. 

A mobile service made for wellbeing

Our service is based on the Sport Institute of Finland’s expertise and experience in organising sports, exercise and wellbeing programmes.

With Happy Healthy People at Work, you will give every employee the tools they need to stay fit for work, wherever they are.


Assess each user’s needs to provide tailored training programmes based on everyone’s starting level and skills.


Give your organisation a clear view of employee activity levels and wellbeing.


You can easily implement a personal training programme for a larger group, too. Through improved wellbeing at work, employees will become both more engaged and more efficient.

Consistent and measurable wellbeing

Our approach is based on our extensive experience in coaching top athletes, and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Using this service, users can follow their progress with a variety of indicators, which help set targets and serve as the core of the programme. By presenting wellbeing development in concrete figures and statistics, they also serve as a key motivating factor. What’s more, they make it easier to categorise development needs and discover the areas that need improvement.

Made in Vierumäki

The Sport Institute of Finland has 90 years of experience in organising sports, exercise and wellbeing activities. In the past decade, Vierumäki has also become a popular leisure destination for sports and wellbeing holidays. The mission of Vierumäki is to promote wellbeing to everyone through relevant information and service development.

Happy Healthy People at Work is a service designed by Vierumäki’s top coaches in cooperation with health and wellbeing experts. It aims to give you the tools to encourage employees on the path towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The quality and expertise behind the Happy Healthy People at Work service is guaranteed by its provider – Vierumäki.

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