Terms of Use 


These Terms of Use shall apply to the Happy healthy people service (hereinafter referred to as HHP service), which website is located at http://www.hhp.fi . In addition to the website the service can be used via the application that operates under the same name. The Happy Healthy People service is owned by Vierumäki Country Club (Service Provider).

The HHP service consists of content created by Vierumäki's Sport Institute of Finland. Through the service, free of charge, as well as fee-based services can be used. In this Agreement, "service" refers to both service entities.
The HHP service is intended for the distribution of well-being material and coaching programmes, as well as for filling a training diary. In addition, the service has tools for communications, as well as data collection for the purpose of summary reports (manager view and coach tool).

The Client and the User must accept these Terms of Use as binding and agree to act in accordance to them when subscribing and registering. The service cannot be used, if the User does not accept these Terms of Use.


The HHP service has the following roles:

User: The User is the person, who has registered for the service and agreed to these Terms of Use. The User operates in the role of either a Client/Administrator, User or Personal Trainer.

Client / Administrator: the manager or HR person of the company, who upon agreement has advanced access to the service. The Administrator can review information collected and saved about users belonging to his/her own team at a group level. In addition, Administrators can create subgroups or teams for his/her team within the limits of their license. 

At the deployment stage of the service, the group is notified, whether their group has advanced access rights to the HR view. In the HR view, the Administrator can see a summary of the performances logged for his/her own company’s groups. Performances refer to exercises logged in the service, nutritional, sleep and stress tips. In addition, the Administrator shall receive the information, that has been logged in the initial and end survey, as a group report. The Administrator shall receive the data that has accumulated in the service, in such a way that the source cannot be identified, and the information is no longer personal data. A group report is not issued for groups of under 10 people. The Service Provider shall manage all issues related to communications and invoicing via the Client.

PT: A Personal Trainer is a user who can see the information logged in the service by his/her own team's users, and is able to modify the user's or administrator's exercise programs, the Personal Trainer service and rights are always agreed upon separately with the User and the Personal Trainer.

Administrator: the administrator of the service provider, who has all access rights to the service.
Administrator rights are held by the service owner Vierumäki Country Club Oy by the person responsible for the HHP service, and Avenla Oy which is responsible for the technical implementation of the service. 

Ordering and paying for the service

The HHP services can be free or available for a surcharge.
The use of chargeable services requires making the payment indicated in connection with subscribing to the service. The service is available immediately after ordering. The service will be activated by agreement. The service provider may change the price or the pricing principles of the service, as well as make a premium service free; or vice versa. However, the service provider cannot change the price or pricing basis during the contract period. The current price list is available from the service provider.


Invoicing items are determined on the basis of the number of users and the service contract's total duration. Invoicing is agreed at the time of concluding the contract.

Registering for the service and using it

To use the HHP service you need to submit up-to-date and correct personal information in the registration form, as well as contact details of a guardian, if you are under 18 years old. In addition, as the website User, you agree to update your user profile with the latest and most up-to-date information about yourself. The service provider can refuse you access to the site, if your user profile is found to contain implausible information.
The service provider complies with the privacy provisions regarding the processing of personal data. The service provider processes provided personal data in accordance with the privacy policy referred to in the Personal Data Act. The information is used in order to enable access as a member of the HHP service, to implement and develop the service, as well as for customer information and to determine any possible abuse.

The Service Provider collects personal data directly from the User.
All personal data that is collected or entered in the service is user-specific. Data collected or entered about the User can be viewed by the User him-/herself and the person who has been appointed as the Personal Trainer of the User. In addition, information about the User is anonymously collected in to group summaries. The group’s administrator may be review the group reports. The User can find out the names of the Administrators from the Client or the Service Provider. Group summaries are collected in the manager view (hhp.fi/manager) and access rights to the view are provided to the agreed Administrators and Personal Trainers. Information related to the User is collected from the User him-/herself (profile and exercise diary). The User gives his explicit consent to the collection and use of personal data according to these terms of service when registering to the service as a User. When a User is removed or he/she him-/herself leaves the team's license, the Administrators who are registered as users will no longer be able to view information collected about him/her as part of the summary reports. User data then remain in the register, but they are not used. When a User joins a new team, the Administrators registered as the team's Users will be able to see data collected about him/her. The User always has the right to prohibit the transfer of data in connection with exchanging teams, and have entries related to him/her deleted from the register, by notifying the Service Provider in writing. In connection with User under 18 years old registering to the service, his/her guardian shall give their consent for the collection and use of their personal data in accordance with these Terms of Use. The guardian has the right to obtain the personal data regarding the minor by notifying the Service Provider in writing. The minor-aged User's guardian has the same rights as the User in terms of prohibiting and removing data regarding the person.

Conclusion of the Contract

The contract arises when the Client/User has accepted these Terms of Use in connection with the order or registration, and with their registration have confirmed the conclusion of this contract.

User's rights and obligations

Against a monthly license, the Client and Users are authorised to use all the features of the HHP service. The Client manages and is fully responsible for the management of the user rights of their own licenses, as well as for the disclosure of user accounts.
The HHP service requires a username and password that are issued by the Service Provider, when the User has concluded a service contract with the service provider. Each Use will obtain user rights by e-mail. The User is responsible for the careful storage of user names and passwords so that the username and password are not disclosed to third parties. The User must notify the Service Provider immediately if he/she suspects that his/her password has been disclosed to a third party without his/her consent. The User is always responsible for everything that takes place in the HHP service with his/her username and password. The User is also responsible for all material he/she has provided to the Service Provider, other Users or third parties. In particular, the User is responsible for ensuring that the material submitted by the User does not infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights.

The User has the right to use the HHP service in accordance with laws, other regulations and good practice. The material contained in the HHP service is protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. The User may not in any way violate these rights. Pornographic, immoral, wrong information conveying, criminal, racist, etc. material may not be sent to the HHP service. In this context, material refers to files and information (image files and possibly other files, as well as texts sent by users) saved or distributed in the HHP service. The User may not share image or other files through the HHP service, or write text in the service that may offend other people.
The User is personally responsible irregularities and/or illegalities made with his/her username and password. Material which originates from the HHP service may not be distributed, disseminated, shared or transferred to any other service/system, and the service content may not be exploited in any way for commercial purposes.

Service Provider's rights and liabilities

The HHP service's ownership and all other rights belong to the Service Provider. The Service Provider shall have the right at any time to change the HHP service, its content and purpose, availability and the requirements determined for the required hardware. The Service Provider shall have the right at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice, to cancel the a User's password and username, as well as the User's registration.
The Service Provider has the discretion, at any time, the right, but not the obligation, to not publish or to remove any material it deems inappropriate: image and other files as well as texts by the users that the Service Provider considers to be against the law or good practice, harmful or detrimental to the Service Provider, other Users or third parties. The same applies to the content that the Service Provider considers misleading, offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise violate the terms of use. The Service Provider has the right to disclose illegal or inappropriate material in accordance with the law to a competent authority. The Service Provider has the right to remove a User from the service who has provided false user information or has otherwise violated these Terms of Use, the law or good practice, and without consulting the User, prevent access to the HHP service as a user. The Service Provider also has the right to require the User to change their password, if the service provider suspects that the User's password is no longer in reliable or correct hands.

The Service Provider has the right to modify the content the User has published in the HHP service, if the service provider considers that they are misleading, insulting, offensive and inappropriate or in breach of these Terms of Use. The Service Provider has the right to temporarily block the User access to the service, if it is necessary for the operations of the HHP service. If the User has not used the service for twelve (12) months, the Service Provider may choose to cancel the User's password and username. The User can then choose to re-register for the service. The User's username and password are not automatically deleted at the end of the license period. Despite the end of the contract, the provisions on ownership rights and copyrights, responsibility for communications and limitation of liability will remain in force for as long as they are relevant.


Adding material to the service is done by the Service Provider and Personal Trainer and the uploader is responsible for the added material.
The Service Provider is not liable for the content or its accuracy, except in case of information content the Service Provider has created itself. The User carries out all physical exercises at their own risk. The Service Provider does not accept any liability whatsoever for text, images, image authenticity or other matters related to images that the User has saved in the service, or whether the User has a legal right to distribute the images. The same applies to all the other information, files or text written, sent or distributed by the User in the service. The Service Provider is not responsible for the information the User has received through the HHP service from third parties, or the copyrights of such information or good practice, or law violating content. The Service Provider shall not compensate any damages that are the responsibility of the User or a third party.
The Service Provider shall seek to ensure the trouble-free operation of the HHP service. The Service Provider is not, however, responsible for technical faults, information system and communication system failures, malicious software, outages caused by maintenances and installation work, telecommunications failures or delay, alteration or disappearance of information due to them, or for indirect and direct damages incurred due to the alteration or termination of the service, of due to its content. The Service Provider is not liable to Users or third parties for any matter related to the operation of the HHP service.
The User is obliged to fully compensate all damage, both indirect and direct, that have incurred due to the breach of these Terms of Use or for failing to comply with provisions of these Terms of Use

Changes in the Terms of Use and transfer of obligations

The Service Provider has the right to change Terms of Use of the HHP service. Updated and current Terms of Use are available for users on the website of the HHP service. The changes take effect immediately. If the User continues the use of the HHP service after changes in the Terms of Use, it shall be deemed that he/she has accepted the changed Terms of Use. This Privacy Policy has last been updated on 24th May 2018. Vierumäki observes legislation concerning data protection, as well as changes to regulatory guidelines, and develops the operations of the service, and therefore reserves the right to update this policy.

The Service Provider is entitled to transfer the texts and images User have sent to the system, as well as all the information related to the use of the HHP service and user data to a third party without notifying the User in advance. However, in this case the third party must commit to the valid Terms of Use, in which case the third party shall be considered as the Service Provider referred to in these Terms of Use. The User is not permitted to transfer use rights. The user rights are personal and cannot be disclosed to any third party.


The User must send all written notifications concerning this agreement to the following address: Suomen Urheiluopisto, Happy Healthy People; Kaskelantie 10, 19120 Vierumäki or hhp@vierumaki.fi. The Service Provider may send written notices concerning this Agreement to the email address most recently stated by the User, or otherwise in writing. General notices regarding the Service may also be published on the website of the HHP service.

Force majeure

A strike, lockout, fire, communications failure, order by an authority or any other service provider-independent force majeure releases the Service Provider's need to comply with these Terms of Use for the period of the force majeure.

Disputes and applicable law

This Agreement is governed in all respects by Finnish law and it is also construed accordingly. All disputes related to the HHP service and its use, and Terms of Use, which cannot be settled through negotiations between the parties, will be settled at the District Court of Päijät-Häme, in Lahti.

Privacy policy

The use of the HHP service's content can be monitored by, for example, moving so-called cookies onto the customer's computer from time to time. The purpose of monitoring is to collect information about how and when the HHP service is used. The information is used to further develop the HHP service in order to better serve customers. In addition, the data is used in monitoring visitor numbers. The collected information cannot be used to identify an individual customer.
In addition to monitoring, session level information can be stored about the User. The session information is stored on the server, and removed when the User logs out of the system or after a fixed period by the automated waste collection. The session information enables, for example, logging in to the HHP service.
The Service Provider protects all personal data imported in to the HHP service with the system administrator login device’s personal password and system password which is changed at regular intervals.  In addition, email addresses are stored in a form that they cannot be collected for automated spam operations.

Service provider's contact details

Vierumäki Country Club Oy, 
Happy Healthy People- 
well-being mobile service
Ismo Hämäläinen / Ella Korhonen
Kaskelantie 10
19120 Vierumäki
Business ID: 0202512-1